“We have been losing billions overtime because of tax evasion

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Hermes Replica According to well placed Government officials this week, GRA late last year stumbled on what seemed like an abnormally large number of containers brought in by the Chinese embassy.As a matter of fact, when GRA officials checked, they found that the Chinese embassy brought in more containers than all the other embassies combined.Investigators initially believed that maybe there was a mistake with the number of containers.However, further checks confirmed that the embassy allegedly used its diplomatic channels to pass the containers through the wharves.Under the diplomatic arrangements, shipments and packages for embassies are not too closely scrutinized.It is the belief that the containers were filled with all sorts of items from hardware and other accessories which eventually ended up in a number of Chinese manned stores. It meant very little or no taxes were paid on the items.Kaieteur News was not told exactly how many containers, but officials insisted that they were enough to be equivalent to tens of millions of dollars in lost taxes.Contacted this week, Commissioner General of GRA, Godfrey Statia, was reluctant to delve into details.He said that since being appointed last year by the administration, he has overseen the tax collection agency embarking on a number of initiatives to widen the tax base and also close some areas that were being taken advantage of over time.”We have been losing billions overtime because of tax evasion, smuggling and other areas. We have started tightening up in some areas and we are seeing improved collections there.”Statia made it clear that he is not allowed by law to share details of any tax transaction Hermes Replica.

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